young inquisitive minds

Fostering curiosity and scientific exploration in young special needs children

Young Inquisitive Minds (YIM) is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit organization that yearns to foster scientific exploration and curiosity in children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We offer STEM-focused programs and hands-on activities that are created specifically for kids with developmental disabilities. We strive to bring awareness to the inclusion of individuals with special needs in local and global communities.

As reported by a study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, over 34 percent of students diagnosed with autism tend to gravitate towards STEM careers and interests. Compared to the 23 percent found among the general education, students on the spectrum exhibited more interest and aspired to work in the field long term. Unfortunately, although the interest persists, the opportunities for them to pursue their interest are lacking as they are still one of the most underrepresented communities in STEM Majors. Living in the Bay Area, one of the most technologically advanced places in the world, we were perplexed to find that many Bay Area students in special education programs lack simple means to a strong education, the most shocking being that they had never experienced STEM activities. It was for this very reason that Young Inquisitive Minds was founded.

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