The YIM school curriculum is a weekly program that will be implemented in public middle and high school special education programs. During the weekly program, students will be guided through STEM activities providing a fun, but educational break from traditional schooling. These engaging and easily adaptable lessons will offer the kids a space for creative thinking, scientific exploration, and an environment to discover their passions. If you are interested in bringing this curriculum to your schools special education, contact us at!

Our school curriculum activities include making slime, oobleck, baking soda and vinegar volcanoes and holiday themed STEM activities.


Project Aspects

Time Commitment:

  1. Mandatory Monthly Activity Training with Facilitators: 30 minutes

  2. Weekly activity : 20 - 40 minutes

Total: Avg. 2 hrs. per month


Virtual: Instructor, helpers (for one-one guidance if needed)

In-person: Instructor, helpers

Total: 2-4 people


Tailored for middle and high school special education. Activities in the curriculum can be adapted for elementary schools. Each activity in the course is easily adaptable for any student regardless of their disability.


  1. Virtual: Simple Household materials/heads-up for parents to collect/buy in advance

  2. Will work with schools to fundraise and provide materials to those who need it


Each month, folder containing four detailed lesson plans and slideshows if needed. The folder will be shared before the start of every month. Resources for students will be fundraised in collaboration with us.


There any questions, doubts, or concerns throughout the year, if not at the training sessions you may always reach out to us through our email. (Reply in 24 hrs. or less)