current & upcoming projects

Online Programming

In light of the COVID-19, Young Inquisitive Minds hosted online sessions with their local community. With lesson plans such as slime and building catapults, we gave students a chance to release their inner curiosity and an outlet for their creativity.

Help Us Gather

Young Inquisitive Minds has been hosting online STEM sessions in collaboration with the Help Us Gather Community based in Clearwater, Florida. Our sessions have ranged from making marshmellow towers to making ice cream in a bag.

Stanford- Kids with DreamS

In September 2020, Young Inquisitive Minds will begin our collaboration with Stanford's Kids with Dreams. Every alternate weekend, we will be hosting online STEM sessions ranging from soap-powered boats to water bottle rockets with their community.

In Fall 2020, Young Inquisitive Minds hopes to introduce our STEM school curriculum in elementary, middle and high school special education classrooms around Bay Area classroom. With 30 minute weekly STEM activities, the sessions will give all Bay Area students in special education a chance to experience STEM learning. We have had the opportunity to present at LPA conference and at the FUHSD council meeting.

Past projects

Santa Clara Therapeutic Recreation Center

"Teens Love Stem" was our debut program held at the Senior Center in Santa Clara. This program was hosted by Meghana Repaka and Nithila Poongovan alongside the recreation coordinator Lauren Council. With the help from the staff at TRS and our high school volunteers we were able to hold multiple week sessions that were curated to fit the 13-17 age group. Since then, we have been in collaboration with the Santa Clara TRS often on weekly activities and events. For more information check out their website at www.

Santa Clara Special Education

Starting last year, our team has consistently worked with the special education community at Santa Clara High School. We continue to host activities during that time ranging from Thanksgiving projects to robotics activities and science experiments. To learn more about the activities that regularly take place at Santa Clara High, contact and check out the gallery on our home page to see pictures of the activities.

Online Community

During COVID-19, Young Inquisitive Minds was struck with a barrier as we couldn't continue our hands-on work. The team soon decided that the best way that we could support our community is to offer our services adapted to an online model. We are now supporting the Bay Area special needs community through online, guided STEM session and through social community sessions on our facebook group. Join the group!

Our Facebook Group is over 180 community members strong!